Summer outfits

Love the summer colours? Love fashion? 

Well these outfits are perfect for you! Image






Skater skirts are IN this summer!

Hey, i took a break from wordpress towards the end of summer just to wrap up my school stuff for the holidays etc

And now I’m back, with more GORGEOUS inspire outfits that should help you put your day to day outfits together, so stay tuned for more!

I found these really nice skater skirt outfits via poly vore, I personally love skater skirts especially ones with a belt because if you have a plain black skater skirt and add a patterned belt onto it it brings your look/outfit to a whole new level. Particularly if the patterned belt has bright colours which will catch peoples eye.


mettalic skater skirt

Colour Block

Metallic print big pleated skirt

skater block

Pretty girly

Black skater skirt with bright yellow belt £20 –

Preppy girlFloral skater skirt £22 –

My fashion sketches were featured in a magazine!

Just a quick post, CHECK THIS OUT!


This is the magazines front cover:

They saw my blog then emailed me requesting if they could put me and my sketches in their magazine. And of course i said yes.  The magazine came out on 29th may and here it is. We all have to start somewhere, so if i stay committed maybe one day they’ll be in bigger magazines like vogue. But i think it’s good i started from the bottom because if you start at the top(vogue) you have no where to go to, there’s nothing higher.

Isimissstyle 🙂


Rainy Outfit, due to London’s rainy weather

RAINY EASTER by claudiafree

Well, For the past couple of weeks London’s weather has been such a roller coaster, I remember when i was coming home from school a couple days before half term,(This is true story) When i left school to go to the dentist, it was nice and sunny and i thought ahh yes finally spring has arrived, then 4 minutes later it went grey and it became really windy, afterwards it started SNOWING. yes SNOWING, in end of MARCH (Actually it was also snowing heavily In April 2 weeks ago!) but then again what do you expect, it is London after all, last time they said we were in drought…..

Does London have a hosepipe ban? No. (c) lloydthompson

When it was raining?….

Moving on.. lol

I found a really nice outfit for the rain on asos fashion finder, and i thought i would share it with you all, for those days when its raining but you still want to look good. I like this outfit because even though it is raining, we are in SPRING and here are the spring colors:

The outfit covers a good combination of the spring colors, and it also keeps you dry!

I hope i have helped you with an idea of what to wear if you need to go out on a rainy day.



My latest fashions sketch

My latest fashions sketch

As you know i love to draw, so here is one sneak peak of my summer/spring collection. and yes i put copy right on ALL my sketches 🙂

Ready to Wear !


Ready to Wear !

Hi Folks !

Here is a fresh and breezy look to kick off this beautiful sunny spring ! I’ve incorporated these Topshop light blue denim to go with a white button up shirt underneath that light tie-dye Mango sweatshirt. The Topshop button up shirt underneath, gives to our look a smart and chic androgynous edge. The jewerly shimmers and reflects the sun from the glass embellishments and looks almost as if it were made from an opal. And of course girls, don’t forget that fabulous handbag, like this white leather Mango bag, along with cute gladiator sandals and Asos sunglasses perfects any look.

Girls, stay true and fabulous as always and enjoy shopping with Stylerockette !

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4 Fun, Colourful Spring Outfits


Floral leggings are not for everyone, put if you can pull them off, they make amazing spring wear. A hot pink blazer and teal heels are always fun, too.

 Do you like brightly coloured jeans? They seem to be everywhere these days. They are also an easy way to wear colour. 
  Also, if you’re not into wearing neon colours, you can tone them down to wearing duller, paler colours.

This is, what I like to call, a very ‘Katy Perry’ outfit. A miniskirt and a floral bustier with bright heels. 


Well thats all! Hope you enjoyed my Blog post today and i hope it inspired and helped you to create your own outfit 🙂